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One who never asks either knows everything or nothing...
M. Forbes.

Are you discreet?

Discretion is as important to me as it is to you. Nothing we do together will be shared with anyone else. Some girls put pictures of their dinners and dates on Twitter. I tend to avoid this as much as possible, however sometimes I do upload a picture when the client is happy. No one likes a tell tale.

What will you be wearing on our date?

I prefer my attire to exude grace and elegance. My preference is  and no short skirts without tights unless we are going clubbing somewhere on the continent. If you have any outfit requests or suggestions they would be highly appreciated. 

Are you available for international travel outside of England?

Yes, yes and yes again. I love travel. 

What kind of men do you see?

Ones who are polite and clean! I get on with most people who are masters of both the former and the latter.

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