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Introducing: The Bea Carter

Updated: May 17

So you’ve found me then?

If you’ve been hunting the internet for tall blondes like a pioneer for forbidden fruit then it was only a matter of time before you landed here.

Now before we go any further I need to know to know something...

I love greeting men in dusky pink lingerie at the door, I love placing their hands on my suspenders under the table of a restaurant. I love tracing my fingertips up the inside of their thigh in a taxi.

I was born in London but grew up in the countryside with my three sisters. It was a childhood where sticky faces, laughing too loudly, swinging too highly was very much celebrated. Like a lot of people and despite my academic success I struggled at school. But it’s important for you to know that it means I put a "down to earth" attitude and good manners towards others above much else in this life. And after all, you know what they say, in the face of adversity - drink champagne and have lots of sex.

In my early twenties I became obsessed with newspaper articles about high class courtesans and while other people were disgusted at the sheer audacity of it, sheer audacity was something I wanted to play with.

A BSc and and MSc specialising in economics later and I ran off to the big smoke. Bea Cooper became my new name and London town my new game.

You will find me doing many other things rather than waiting for you in my Marylebone apartment. I read books like other people drink water. I engage with politics and current affairs. I like dancing, tennis, cocktails, skiing and psychology. I love casual flings but adore the girlfriend experience.

In terms of looks my style is classic and elegant. Lingerie and pearl earrings are as good a dress code as anything else in my view. I have yet to find a man who would would disagree.

My client list is exclusive and I am choosy about who I see, I do not have to accept every Tom, Dick and Harry - tongue in cheek, so to speak. In saying that I am very well rounded and I can find goodness in anyone because I believe that we are all essentially good.

Let me dip into my menagerie of lingerie and woman to man - let's have some simple, good old fashioned fun.

R x

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