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  • Rosalyn Cooper

Thrills, glamour and and anticipation.

And I waited. And waited. And waited some more, the anticipation building as I stared at my phone, willing it to chirp with a new message. '7:30 pm, Marylebone - can you do it?' My heart raced as I grabbed the phone. 'Yes,' I texted back, excitement coursing through me. I never thought I would get to this point. From the moment I considered becoming a companion, from getting my photos taken to making my own website, I always reassured myself that I could walk away at any time. I knew I could even leave the guy the moment I met him if I didn't like him. And I knew I would if I wanted to.

After that first encounter, I was hooked. The thrill of dressing up for every date, the scent of Jo Malone lingering on my skin as I walked out the door - it was intoxicating. Sometimes, in the exchanges of emails, I'd get a hint that a particular meeting would be extraordinary. I was always right.

It was only two hours, but it felt like a whirlwind. We sipped champagne, our laughter filling the room as we tousled on the sheets giggling like two conspirators. Our bliss was interrupted by a call from his investment office, an abrupt reminder of the outside world, cutting our meeting short. I smiled as he left, knowing that my first time would not be the last time, whether with him or many others.

See you soon, whoever you are.

R x

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